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Robofiesta brings to you an Innovative Platform to learn and explore all about robotics and automation. For all the creative and curious minds out there, be a part of our National Level Championship for Robotics, Android and Ethical Hacking and win amazing prizes. We add fun in learning!

About TGPL

Learn, develop and explore. Cutting edge robots designing for eager minds

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Know all about Unmanned Ariel Vehicle. Build your own Quadcopter

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Avail ways to keep your internet secured. Let no one trespass into your space

That’s How We Do It!

Easy steps to mark your milestone in Robotics & Automation. If you have it, you get to win it!


Enroll yourself with our Robofiesta and get started. We offer you a platform to shape your knowledge on advanced technology


Be a part of our organized workshops and watch other creators at work. Our workshops let you have fun as you learn!


Avail all the knowledge from experienced professionals. Talk to the experts and learn new tactics in robotics and automation


The schools or students would be evaluated on the basis of their cutting edge creation. Be as inventive as you can


We are always looking out for creative and innovative minds. Your invention could take you for state level competition

Grand Finale

Winners of state level completions can grab the opportunity of winning the Grand Finale along with amazing prizes


Workshops – Fun & Learning Begins Here!

Be a part of our alluring workshops. We offer you a platform where you can learn while having fun. Get in touch with professionals and expand your theoretical knowledge. Showcase your creative and inventive sides and win amazing prizes. From Robotics to Android Development, from 3Ds Max to AutoCAD, from Quad copter to Digital Marketing, enhance your knowledge with practical experience via our Workshop Programs.

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Numbers we are Proud of

We hold pride in our deliverance. We have been successful in offering complete knowledge and training for curious and creative children

1600 Happy clients
3200 Completed projects
40 Awards
20 000 Workshop Execute

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RoboFiesta – 2015 is a National Level Championship for Robotics, Android and Ethical Hacking for Colleges / Universities / Schools in association with Amalthea, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar.

International Certification

Robofiesta is the only National Level Championship that offers International Certification to everyt participating student

Our Associates

The International Certification is provided in association with IAARC [International Association for Automation & Robotics in Construction], USDLA [United States Distance Learning Association] & IADL [International Association for Distance Learning]

TimesGlobacom Pvt. Ltd.

Robofiesta is an initiative taken by TimesGlobacom, in enhancing learning experience. Education is no more confined to only classrooms

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate the need and learning of advanced technologies into the students at their early educational stage. We make education enjoyable

Our Team

The highly skilled and experienced professionals at TimesGlobacom offer you firsthand experience in all that you learn. We are just a call away






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Quad Copter

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timts-times institute of management & technical studies


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aicra-All India Council for Robotics & Automation


Membership Partner
iaarc- International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction


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usdla-United States Distance Learning Association


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iadl-The International Association for Distance Learning


Certification Partner

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